The Show Off Bottle Tree by Cubby's

The Show Off Bottle Tree by Cubby's
The Show Off Bottle Tree by Cubby's
The Show Off Bottle Tree by Cubby's

The Show Off Bottle Tree by Cubby's

The show off bottle tree by cubby's. The name says it all one of our most popular bottle trees.

Made in the usa this tree stands six feet out of the ground after it's planted. Holds 25 bottles and it's sandblasted and painted brown.

Includes a small blue glass bottle to hang in your window to display your favorite twig of flower (flower not included). You'll have it quick. But love, pride and good karma are included in each box free.

No one completely welds (not spot-welds), sandblasts and paints their bottle trees we have exclusively designed the hanging blue bottle gift that is included in all of our tree orders. Pipes some are greasy and dirty. All our bottle trees are solid steel and are.

Top piece into the bottom piece. We sandblast all our trees and then we put a coat of brown paint on most (not all) of them before. This coat of paint can be left "as is" or you can use it as a primer.

For whatever color you want to paint your tree sandblasting our trees insures a nice. Smooth finish and a great surface for us to paint.

Here's why you're going to love that we sandblast and paint our trees. We ordered a big old bottle tree from another company. When we opened it, it had greasy, . Dirty metal and not packed up at all. Everything was rattling around in the box and our hands got dirty just taking it out of the box. It sure wouldn't have made a nice gift to open. That won't happen to you with our trees it's almost a pleasure opening and unpacking our bottle trees they come packed very nicely indeed. We own cubby's an art studio. It's an actual art studio you can look up.

We own a regular brick and mortar storefront that you can come and. We take pride in our finished bottle trees, like the rest of our art. We build our trees by hand, one at a time with pride, love and good karma. Just search the web right now for cubby's bottle trees and you'll see how. Popular our bottle trees are and our bottle tree farm.

We include a gift with our bottle trees. It is a small blue bottle that we've drilled holes in the neck of the bottle.

We also supply a suction cup. Simply hang the bottle by the suction cup and stick them. To your window you can then put a small fake (or real) flower in the bottle. We use our bottle to display our twigs in.

Without it, where would we keep our. Twigs our customers love these hanging blue bottles. We prefer not to add a piece to the bottom of our trees to rest your foot on and.

Shove it into the ground. Nor do we add any type of stabilizer feet. To do these things because those trees, built like that, prohibit you from choosing the. It's picked for you by the attached legs. Have some flexibility as to the height. You can plant it higher or lower. Sometimes a few inches make the difference. Besides, most soils aren't so. Soft enough that you're going to be able to just push the tree into the ground. You can't do it here in florida and we have almost nothing but sand.

Single bottle tree owner must dig a hole for the tree, period. We use a post hole digger, but you can use a regular shovel.

Also, don't be fooled by other bottle trees that have branches low to the ground. It will be a pain to mow or weed-eat around the branches that's why we keep them off the ground. Almost every single crazy-colored bottle out there is painted.

Purple and red are fakes the paint scrapes off. Bottles are placed on a bottle tree, the sun starts to take its toll.

Paint will fade and chip. Unless you know you will have to replace them.

If you're giving a bottle tree as a gift, rest assured, besides being sandblasted and. Painted brown (we don't paint all trees, check the listing), our trees are professionally packed. Your gift will look great when they are. Opened with the other free gifts included, it's the gift that. Keeps on giving free gift, free gift and bam a well built, .

Painted bottle tree we will even include a special little note from you. Just let us know what you want to say and we'll make it look nice for you.

We are the only company to give the option on some of our trees to add. Branches that's' because we create them ourselves, by hand, right here in the. Just inquire before ordering if you feel you want to add branches. Some of our trees are too big and heavy to add anymore branches too.

Our trees are welded, (not spot-welded like some). You can bend the branches without fear of them breaking off or falling apart, . Period we've never had branches falling off or trees falling over, period. Make it right one way or another, you're going to be satisfied with your.

All you have to do is search for cubby's bottle trees on the web to see how popular our trees have been to so many. We love talking to our customers.

You're awesome for purchasing one of our bottle trees from cubby's. This item is made of steel.

The Show Off Bottle Tree by Cubby's

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